5 April 2010

VOTE NEON! part 2

Thanks everyone who voted for my painting. I didn't win - quelle surprise - but I was heartened to find my painting in the top 50 favourite works from the round, so thanks for taking the time to vote.

Buoyed by my relative success, I have entered another painting, and its success lies partly in your hands. So if you can bear to spare a moment clicking the link below and rating my 'SPQR' painting, and adding it as a favourite, I will be very very grateful:

Voting runs from 5th to 12th April.

Feel free to forward this on to anyone else you think might be interested in seeing my work and voting.


1 comment:

  1. Thanks anyone who voted for my painting again - It was in the top 50 most favourited works in this round again, so that's pleasing.


    Think I'll enter into a proper competition now, with a panel of judges and everything!