26 July 2011

WBS Logo Competition

I've spent the past few weeks beavering away at that logo competition canvas.  In the final stages I switched to oil paint.  The acrylic was drying too quickly to allow for any blending, even with a slow drying medium.

I awoke early on the day the courier was booked to collect the canvas, and was compelled to put in one last hour getting the background to my satisfaction. Then away it went...

The project brief was to re-imagine the new Warwick Business School logo in the style of one of a list of artists.  I chose Barnett Newman, re-rendering the logo in blue neon, with the letter 'b' extending to form the infamous 'Zip'.

6 July 2011

The cup of filth

More paid work this morning.  It is midday, the clouds have opened and I'm just about ready to paint.  Today will be all about the blue neon.  I have some morse code craving my attentions, and I need practice so I can work on that competition canvas at home tomorrow.

Now the morse code is wet with rich Phthalo Blue paint, and I can't touch it for another 2 weeks.  It is a good job I'm werking the competition canvas in acrylics - dry by the time I've cleaned my brush...

I'm not going to win any prizes for being the conscientious painter today, I faffed and I time wasted and I did a bit here and a bit there, and all the while in the back of my mind I knew that the real painting was going to take place tomorrow, at home, with the Thursday Painter at the helm.

Still, I have some progress to show for my hours here:

I made some more mess on the chintzy, twee canvas

I picked out the shadows and detail of the windows and balconies of the building, darkness spilling out of the cup of filth.