23 April 2010

Exhibition FINAL WEEK everything must go!

This week is the final week of my exhibition of neon paintings at the Caroline of Brunswick.

So if you still haven't popped in for a quick look, this is your very last chance. They will be there until last orders on Wednesday evening. And then they will be gone.

the address is:
Caroline of Brunswick
39 Ditchling Road
East Sussex

But in case you can't make it along here is a short video tour


  1. What's great about seeing those pics through a video camera is that they look like real neon signs. You should sell your expert skills to the film world!

  2. You mean Verity's film skills...
    It's okay though, she said I could use her video.

    You're right though, they do come out well on the video - a mixture of the low light level and youtube's compression has meant hey actually appear closer to how the paintings look to the naked eye than I've yet to capture with a photograph, to be honest.

    Thanks for the comment Kym, hope your art studio/basement conversion is coming on well.