8 December 2010

the afternoon shift

Just an afternoon shift today, I've been working this morning making the jigsaws for the kids and sending out old tat I've sold on eBay.

The afternoon shift consists of endless repeated layers of white glow added to the neon of the secret date plaque.

That is all I do, until 6.30pm.  And then I head home.

1 December 2010

snow, and an old sock on my hand

The first day of December and the snow came down.  Gatwick airport is closed and I may be stuck here tonight.  Might as well get some painting done then.  Just as soon as I've cleared a path to the garret.

1 hour later: I'm settled with a cup of tea and the heater on.  I spend some time with an old sock on my hand, rubbing grime off the neon numbers of the secret date plaque with the tip of my little finger and turpentine.  Such remedial werk is time consuming yet essential.  It is not glamorous.

Sat there with the snow coming down outside it is hard to concentrate, the icy wind blowing in from the North keeps catching the garage door and it creeps open to let in the cold.  Lunch time comes and goes, hot food helps but leaves me feeling dozy.

I take a look through the more inconsequential small canvases on the shelf.  I choose the white 'path of least resistance' and also take out 'SSHHH' as a colour guide...

Not quite finished, but certainly a little shimmy in the right direction.

16.00 hours.  I leave early to catch a train, which takes 4 times as long to get home.  Later trains on the same route are stranded over night, but I am at home with my wife and cat.