26 October 2011

bright green neon lines

There is a break in the (torrential) rain.  I must make a run for the studio.  I shall return.

I have been a good Wednesday Painter and I have werked right the way through until lunch time.  So I eat a huge plate of food and can't move for 40 minutes.  Coffee will perk me up and get me back to the easel.

Back at the easel: I continued to paint bright green neon lines.

And then there was just enough time to put a first coat of primer on that big blank canvas.

19 October 2011

Day of discipline

Today I am determined to get painting first, then do all the other crap during breaks later in the day.  I'm going outside, I will, hopefully, be some time.

I return, with a few hours' orange neon painting under my belt, and a hunger in my tummy.


- Discipline yourself Wednesday Painter, you can't sit here all afternoon supping tea watching the internet.
- Just let me finish my cup of tea and I'll be off.


Another pass of the 'Home Sweet Home' canvas, making those neon letters bright white.  So bright I gotta wear shades.

at 18.39 I clean up the brushes and switch off the lights.

The last hours were spent on green neon - fluid, easy painting - a pleasure.

Discipline is good.

12 October 2011

Tricolores and dirty hands (eventually)

I curse the things I always leave until Wednesday morning to get done:  today these included printing off directions to collect the 'Wish You Were Here' canvas from Manchester, with a convoluted road trip via here there and everywhere thrown in; emailing and phoning various people to meet/visit during the trip; constructing a CD cover for a belated birthday present; checking a L'Amour Electronique mix before it goes live; plus various other odd jobs.  Consequently I greeted the studio just after midday.

And even then I didn't crack on with the neon painting.  Instead I began some new Tricolore posters for the aforementioned L'Amour Electronique.

It is lunch time now.  I need sustenance. Then the painting.

Or not.  The time is 17:22, I have done precious little painting, except for adding some acid-y pale blue glow to the morse-code.  I feel frustrated and listless.  I have about an hour and 40 minutes left to do something worthwhile.  Here I go...

18.10: I. GIVE. UP.  But not before I've got my hands dirty blackening 12 sheets of A4 with indian ink, and painting another Tricolore.  The black paper is for a mock-up of a proposal I'm waiting to hear back about.  The Tricolore to add to the collection above.

5 October 2011

pensioner chic

...And the Wednesday Painter hobbled into view, aided by a vintage NHS-issue walking-stick...

I came a cropper the other day and severely buggered up my ankle.  It's looking a bit swollen and is all black and blue, but I can just about walk on it now, so it can't be broken, can it?

The worst thing is trying to get up the ladder into the studio, I've only done it once so far today.  Looks like I may be stuck up there for some time when I go back.  For now I am in the house, projecting and marking out new designs on canvas.

I'm now off to the studio for the afternoon shift...

Cooped up in the loft, the tension builds up, and I nearly go stir crazy.  I realise I need a break from painting about every hour just to let me eyes adjust and the rest of me relax.  It is intense werk this neon painting, but the blue morse-code is really beginning to glow.