23 February 2011

No painting today

No painting today.  Instead I have spent the day in preparation for putting up all those post-it notes next week.  This essentially consisted of time-trials marking out the points for each post-it on the wall in the spare room.  Actually I only timed the first one - half an hour - and then I didn't bother counting how many points I'd marked out.  Durrrrr!

I marked out the points with little squares of adhesive note, just like I will do on the day.

At least I've had a bit of practice now and know exactly how I am going to do it.  Still a bit apprehensive though.

I also had to work out what to do with the rogue 127mm post-its, in terms of spacing them between the others.

I can't believe I have been doing this all day.  Though the ache in my wrists is a fair reminder.

I wish I had had time to paint today, but I was far too pre-occupied.  There will be no painting next week either, so I should pay a quick visit to the studio before I leave so I can keep them in the back of my mind while I'm away.

16 February 2011

the search and the signature

I am currently searching for magnets as a possible display solution for my post-it notes.  It would be helpful if all the companies I have emailed would at least reply with an estimate of costs.  Customer service just ain't what it used to be in these web-based times.  I'm on the verge of finding their phone numbers and hassling them on the phone.  I don't have much time.

Here I go to do a trial run of marking out the wall for post-it notes.

It took me 30 minutes to mark out the points for 256 notes.  So I estimate it will probably take just over 4 hours of solid graft to mark out the full 2,025 points.  That's not including rest breaks. Or mistakes.

I have to say my arms are sore after just half an hour...  Oh! My!

I just spent a jolly half-hour talking to sales people at magnet suppliers, with varying degrees of helpfulness.  I am rapidly coming to the conclusion it is not a viable idea due to the cost. ho hum!


The ceremonial signing of the secret commemorative date plaque has taken place.

3.26pm: I have just finished painting in the new 'Home Sweet Home' letters.  NEXT.

Still no news form the magnet makers.  I have to get out and do some painting to take my mind off this preoccupation.  I did some blue neon painting - the first layer of the morse code message.  I had a load of paint left over so it was spent on a small canvas that's been kicking around of a kind of oscilloscope/heart monitor signal.

In between I made a valentines card for my beloved.  No I didn't forget, we just decided to have valentines at the end of the week when we will actually see each other.

9 February 2011

the trial

And here we are: another Wednesday comes around.  Since 9am I have been eschewing my painting duties in order to work out how in hell I'm going to put up these 1,966 post-it notes at the Work/Work exhibition.  I have another spirit-level (one that is straight and level, rather than the hooky one I bought for a pittance off Amazon), and  I now have it marked out and ready to go.

I made a trial run of 14 x 14 sticky orange notes.  I envisage the real thing to be 20 x 26, in 4 blocks.

I should probably do a practice run each Wednesday from now on, so I'm prepared for the mammoth task when the day comes.

2.15 - 3.00pm: The "top secret commemorative date plaque" was finished and has just been shut away out of sight.  I will check on it next week and if all is well it will be signed off and presented to the outside world.

I have an hour to kill before I need to pack up and start packing for the final Work/Work meeting in London. I could sit here faffing on the computer, but that would be defeatist.  Bring on the next canvas...

Taking on a task that requires a steady hand, should not be ventured upon when the hands are far from steady.  I think part of the problem was that the painting was still wet, so I had nothing to even rest against for support.  No matter, I feel satisfied with another hour of painting under my belt.

Done for the day, and off to London.

Work/Work Exhibition

As I've already mentioned a number of times in passing, I will be taking part in an exhibition in East London during March.  I will be showing an archive of approximately 1,966 post-it note "artworks", created whilst in full-time employment between 2000 and 2006.

The opening night/private view is Thursday 3rd March, 6pm - 9pm.
The exhibition runs until Friday 11th March,
opening times 10am - 6pm.
Address: Lo & Behold gallery, 2b Swanfield Street, E2 7DS [map]

Work/Work is a research exhibition exploring how artists manage the balance between creative work and bill-paying second jobs; the work/work balance.


...According to statistics*, only 6% of artists in and around international creative capitals London and New York make their living from their practice alone. So how do artists resist the stifling of creative impulses at work, maintain their practice in limited free time, and balance the need for income and time to create? What strategies do they employ to survive in the office? In what ways can employment distinct from creative practice provide source material and inspiration to artists?

Between November 2010 - March 2011, a temporary collective of artists will meet regularly to discuss the theme of the exhibition, and contribute research, thoughts and ideas to this blog. A collective essay will be edited from the findings, and an exhibition of art works developed throughout the process will open on 3rd March 2011.

*Abbing, Hans 2009

2 February 2011

dot-dot-dot-dot / dot / dot-dash-dot-dot / dot-dash-dash-dot

  • Menial computer tasks to do - CHECK
  • Internet distractions minimised - CHECK
  • Tea drunk - CHECK
  • Studio heater on - CHECK
I will now switch off the computer and I will put my shoes on and I will take the short walk outside, around the corner, up the ladder, and there to take my place on the other side of the wall I am currently facing...

The wall was physical, not metaphorical.  The loft is just the other side.

Out comes the Cadmium Red, and I set to outlining the new-improved 'Home Sweet Home', it takes great concentration and a long time.  As I painted in the areas around the last 2 letters, I found myself thinking like E.T. "Home! Ho-ooome!"

Enough of the japes.  Next I tackle the morse-code dots and dashes, painting around them and filling in the crack with what will soon be a deep, dark void.  I take a photo, it looks like some kind of craggy, barnicle-d whale opening its mouth just a crack to reveal some blue lights glowing from deep within.  Strange.