24 November 2010

the taste of white spirit lingering on my tongue

With Christmas coming there are toys to be made, so that all the little boys and girls don't have sad faces on Christmas day.  This means I've had extra payed work to do this morning in the workshop with Santa's elves.

But I'm ready to paint now...

My first task was to try and get that secret date plaque back on track.  I masked out the numbers and commenced with throwing whatever I could find at it: white spirit; oil paint; ink; clean water; dirty water; anything.  I poured and scraped and splattered it all on, then poured and scraped and wiped it off.  The masking fluid didn't last long, but the result was pleasing, and I took it outside to dry in the low November sun.

I've had the taste of white spirit lingering on my tongue ever since.  No amount of tea, water or cake can shift it.  I do wonder what this does to my insides.

Satisfied with myself, I've begun the next phase of "the pink path of least resistance trickling through a crack in a rock face", or "the rock face" as I affectionately call it. I wonder will I ever be happy with it?  But I must persevere or it will always be there, lurking in the corner.  I've decided to knock the glow back a bit so the neon appears deeper in the crack.

As soon as I've done this, I have a brain-wave:  Out comes the red-neon light I bought recently.  I secrete it between the joists under a shed in the garden and take some photos of the intense glow emanating from the darkness. This will give me something to reference for my next attack on "the rock face".

NEXT!  I take up my tools and set upon the large square canvas of Le Corbusier's Marseille blue-print for modern living.  The tools I use: some antique Winton no.39 Terre Verte oil colour, and then a piece of charcoal rescued from the bonfire, which looks like some kind of monolithic totem when seen out of scale.

I work on the foliage and then I go home.

17 November 2010

No paint today

There will be no Wednesday Painter-ing today.

Instead I will be spending the afternoon at the hospital, and the evening at a meeting in London about an exhibition.

[The two are not related, and I'm hoping the latter makes up for the former.]

10 November 2010

the most un-productive day

This morning I have been running a few internet errands.  I will now make a cup of tea and be off to the studio...

I did a bit of secret testing for an idea I have involving a strobe light.  Call me enigmatic, but I don't want to say any more at this stage.

So after I'd stamped a stroboscopic light-show onto my poor retinae, I unpacked my new neon bulbs and made some reference photos for 'Ne Travaillez Jamais'.

Then I actually did some painting:  After the white neon on black success of last week, I pulled out a white neon 'path of least resistance' and gave it a werking over.  I left it at lunch time. It needs more werk.

I returned after lunch and faffed around for a while.  Nothing was getting done, I transferred the neon photos to the old Mac for reference purposes.  Everything I am werking on is either wet or stuck.  I leave early and go and take some photos of some old junk I plan to put on eBay.  It was the most un-productive day in quite a while.

3 November 2010

a corner turned

Just doing some computering before I head out into the crisp sunny morn... And I'm off.

I faffed for a bit with the secret date plaque, then made some more mess on "Rock face" number 2.  Then I had to do a bit of payed work for an hour.  By which time it was time for lunch.  After which I can't resist checking my emails, even though I know it will end in yet another bout of procrastination.

This afternoon I will do some proper painting.

Progress was slow: a flurry of activity on the pink neon path (trickling down through the crack in the old "rock face"), but then I was stuck.  I threw some more oily muck down the latest "rock face" just to try and unlock the creative forces.  No joy.

Cup of tea and a bit of tinkering with an old amplifier...

Around 4.30pm there was a change.  I decided to have a mess with SSSHH.  This white neon in blackness has been evading me for too long. Time to take it in hand.  I found a neon photo on the computer: White neon with a green tint in the glow.  Recipe: Titanium White + a touch of Emerald Green +  a smidgen of Prussian Blue (Lamp Black to darken).

Success!  I leave the studio with a spring in my step and a corner turned.