28 April 2011

Bad Morning. Good Afternoon.

It is Thursday, I feel out of synch. I have done next-to-nothing all morning. I am stuck again. I blame the bank holidays, messing up my weekly schedule. I blame the internet for being available. I blame myself for lack of confidence.

I WILL get on and paint... NOW.

By lunch time I had made some progress with my morse-code.

I werked on 'Ne Travaillez Jamais' again, taking on stage 2: The addition of a pale orange glow.

20 April 2011

Jamais! Jamais! Jamais!

I made what I would class as a minor breakthrough: Just a touch of Cadmium Yellow brought the letter 'E' on the trial 'No/Yes' into lit-up neon territory.

Flushed with a feeling of success, I placed 'Ne Travaillez Jamais' on the easel, and began the slow process of making the words look like neon on a scuzzy, stained wall.

Of course, I had the foresight to detail the step-by-step process as I worked on 'No/Yes', so I just had to follow the instructions

13 April 2011

What I am here for.

I was away in Berlin last week - hence, no postings.  I return to find myself spoilt for choice, every canvas has had time to dry and is ready for werk.  I began with 'Home Sweet Home': adding some lush, deep reds to fade out to the blackness.

After a leisurely lunch I'm finding it hard to motivate myself.  But I must get out there and paint.  I must. I must. I must. It is what I am here for, after all.

It was a slowwwwww afternoon.  Touched up that new break in the rock-face on the pink "path of least resistance"

Messed up the blue morse code again, so I moved onto the continuing struggle with the red neon experimentation of 'No/Yes'.  Still not managed to make it work.

Finally: I painted in the letters of 'Ne Travaillez Jamais' with white acrylic paint, just for something to do.

And now it is almost 8pm.  8pm equals home time.