5 December 2013

Christmas Artists Open Houses

I probably should have mentioned this. There is info over at my website www.dominicbradnum.co.uk. We are open again this Saturday (7th Dec) and the following Saturday (14th Dec), 11am-5pm.

I won't be in residence this Saturday, but you will find me (hopefully) being productive in Studio 6 on the 14th.

Open Houses and Guilty Feelings

I guess I was probably kidding myself that I would actually get a day's work done on the first day of the Christmas Open Houses. In reality it was more like an hour, and that's being optimistic!

However, I did get to meet all the other lovely artists with whom I can now call BLANK Studios home. And I welcomed quite a few visitors to my space and chatted to them about my work - something that I'd never done before.

Feeling guilty about my non-productive Saturday, I headed back early Sunday morning to get a couple of hours' painting under my belt.

I clocked in at 09.30 hours to find the half-hearted fruits of yesterday. And after a pass across half the canvas working on the immediate glow of the letters, I left it like this at 11.30 hours:

I also left a note to myself:

New stu-stu-studio

I spent the morning collecting together vital equipment and items in my grimey garrett/loft-studio. Progress was hampered when a curious robin came in to look around - yep, before I'd even left, a new prospective tenant with an eye on my place

This is the mess I left behind after all my churning and rooting around.

Goodbye window-less, ventilation-less loft, we've had some heady times - mainly due to the solvent fumes having nowhere to go...

By evening I had signed the contract and dumped everything at my new space at Blank Studios which occupies a converted end-of-terrace house in one of those, rapidly vanishing, liminal zones on the edge of Brighton and Hove.

In the afternoon I organised my belongings and made my new space my own - I sense this will be an ongoing and changing thing for the first month or so.

I also found time to do a spot of your actual painting, returning to that elongated '...RUGS&...' canvas (or 'neon for a wig shop' as I referred to it later) - my first dalliance with brush and canvas since December 2012. It was a relief. And it felt good.