13 April 2012

Monday, Thursday, Friday Painting

[FRIDAY 13 APRIL 2012]
Bit of a mixed up/muddled up/shook up week (thank you bank holiday Monday!).

So no painting on Wednesday, but I did paint a bit on Monday at home, Thursday morning at the studio, and today at home again, so surely must have put in something towards the requisite hours.  Who's counting? Me. And me only.

At the studio I applied another layer to the new canvas:

Whilst at home I made progress with a secret painting that will be gifted to an old friend.

4 April 2012

Scrawlings and Rugs

It all started so well: sketching out a new neon design on a new canvas and then a break to do some email/internet errands. I moved some canvases back out to the studio and finished off a lo-fi scrawling I made yesterday with a touch of watercolour.

[not sure where it came from, but at some point I was possibly thinking of Numan, hence "Gary". Adding the shock of bleached-blonde hair seemed like the obvious final step. There will be more lo-fi subconscious/conscious drawings in the near future]

And now?  Now I am hungry for my lunch and I must eat before I get on with the afternoon shift.  But I've been stuck at this computer screen for the past hour or so, doing this and that and the other.  ENOUGH!

I ate some soup.

It was not Campbell's Condensed though.

Afternoon: My first proper bit of painting consisted of touching up the "rock-face" where the blue glow is leaking out of the dark chasm.  I didn't do much, and I will continue next time.

Instead of returning to all those old, half-finished canvases, I stuck the fresh new one on the easel and commenced painting in around the words which will be depicted as deep-red neon. As you can see I am possibly thinking about jacking all this painting in and opening a carpet shop.