16 November 2011

Wednesday Painting SUSPENDED

ATTENTION: Wednesday Painting has been temporarily suspended.

Owing to the looming spectre of Christmas, I will be mostly playing the role of Santa's only-elf-in-the-workshop, making wooden jigsaws for all the children so that they may have broad smiles on their faces come Christmas day.

Normal service will resume on days when I have spare time to get into the studio, and I will also be doing extra remedial painting werk at home.

9 November 2011


Today is Wednesday and I am dressed up in my finest painting outfit.  I feel quite fresh considering it was a late night last night.  If you had passed by, you would have seen me sketching out a new sea-scape on that large canvas. Then slurping down a night-cap of hot lemon and ginger tea with a tot of rum (poor man's hot whisky toddy?).

This morning I werked on the meeting of 2 contrasting neon colours: the bright green and the orange.  It will need more werk when it is dry.  Having focussed almost completely on 'Home Sweet Home' for the past 3 sessions, I have put it aside.

This afternoon I re-started werk on the blue neon morse-code. Laying on the paint nice and thick - rich and deep Phthalo Blue - until the canvas won't take any more wet-on-wet paint action.

And then I sit, and I wonder, and I think: what I can do now to fill another hour or so?

There is a large canvas begging to be started, and so I must oblige.  Out comes the ink and the brush and to werk I go.

2 November 2011

ten minus fifteen

I award myself 10 points for being in the studio just after 9am and sanding down the primed canvas.

I then deduct 15 points for straying and checking my email and spending an hour on the computer.  Procrastination is a time-sapping thing.

I must get on, I need to leave early today, and my precious few hours are dwindling as a sit here and type.

I made great progress with 'Home Sweet Home', painting intuitively (why can't it always be that way): first green neon and then the deeper, darker reds of the orange neon.