8 August 2014

Everyday Tweeter

When I took on a full-time studio space, I had hoped to re-commence this Wednesday Painting journal. But the business of yr actual painting was far too pressing to allow myself to get tied up again in the fripperies of analysing and deliberating each and every brush-stroke...

But at last, your dormant Wednesday Painter has been awoken. Or perhaps re-booted.

What I'm trying to say is that I've been posting occasional #workinprogress reports on my twitter account @neonpainter, and you can follow it in the feed just over there in the column to the right >>

13 May 2014

Wells Art Contemporary 2013 winner Solo Exhibition, 45 Park Lane

I was so very busy with the practicalities of finishing paintings and the opening night, that I neglected to post about this: my first solo exhibition in London! 

There is still time to see it though...

45 Park Lane and The Dorchester Collection present:
A Solo Exhibition of neon lights in oil paint by Dominic Bradnum, winner of the Wells Art Contemporary 2013 First Prize.

Wednesday 7th May – Saturday 31st May 2014
45 Park Lane, Dorchester Collection, Mayfair, London W1K 1PN