9 December 2009

the blank canvas

In retrospect: It was the 9th of December, I remember it vaguely. I think it rained. Possibly. I hauled my things out to the loft, placed the pink "path of least resistance" on the easel, and loaded the palette knife with some luscious hot pink paint.

At some point, I grew bored or things came to a temporary conclusion. I couldn't think of anything to do, so I wandered down the shed and finished constructing some canvas frames. By evening I was stretching canvas and had 3 of them finished, each measuring 80cm x 120cm. There is nothing quite like the purity of a fresh blank canvas...

...to strike fear into the fragile artist's psyche.

7 December 2009

exhibition of Neon Paintings at the Caroline of Brunswick

I have just hung an exhibition of my neon paintings at the Caroline of Brunswick.

My work is installed in the cosy, fake-fur clad boudoir area at the back of the pub (to the right). They're mainly more abstract neon paintings, plus the one of the neon cat. The exhibition will be up for at least the next two months, so pop in for a pint and a look.

The address is:
Caroline of Brunswick
39 Ditchling Road
East Sussex
and here is a map

And here are some photos Verity took during installation:

Neon Painting: Commemorative Date Plaques

During the summer I made a series of three neon commemorative date plaques as wedding gifts for friends on their special days.

If you would like to commission one for a special date (anniversary, birthday, etc) please email me iheartneon[at]gmail.com to discuss your requirments.
Commemorative Date Plaque: 15.08.09, 2009, oil and mixed media on canvas, 40cm x 50cm

Commemorative Date Plaque: 05.09.09, 2009, oil and mixed media on canvas, 40cm x 50cm

Commemorative Date Plaque: 11.09.09, 2009, oil and mixed media on canvas, 40cm x 50cm

2 December 2009

All hands on deck

All hands on deck. I have just been offered wall-space to show some of my paintings. Immediately.

My initial enquiry was with a view to exhibiting a set of new paintings sometime in early 2010, but I do have a few finished pieces hanging around that I could show. Late last night I drew up a short-list of potentials:

"Three and Eight"
"Set To Stun"
"The Path of Least Resistance 1 (blue)"
"The Path of Least Resistance 2 (red)"
the one with pink neon lines which I still haven't thought up a title for
"What's New Pussycat?"
"She and I"

I finished blacking out the edges of "Three and Eight", then I propped the pink neon untitled canvas on the easel. It was looking a little unconvincing in the void areas, so I went at it with some black and white acrylics and some deep green water colour. Better. Just need to wait for a title to come now. I signed it at last, though:

I also signed "Kryptonitis":

And "Three and Eight"

I finished off with some real proper werk: developing the orange-y red glow on "Home Sweet Home", and then I bubble-wrapped the exhibition paintings ready for transportation. Now all I need is a lift.