20 October 2010

artex and papered cracks

09:07 hours.  I am turning off the computer and heading for the garret.  Hmm,  judging by the icy air that greets me, we seem to have skipped autumn and cut straight to winter.

I put the heater on to take the edge off the cold.  But then go outside anyway.  The second "rock face" canvas ends up clad in tissue paper to cover the cracks and add some more texture and wrinkles.  Then I take a break and get a lift to a well-known hobby & craft superstore to buy some canvas.  Proper heavy duty canvas, not like that flimsy, light weave stuff I've been putting up with.  5 metres of canvas: I have plans to build some more large stretchers.

Back at the studio: the latest commemorative date plaque gets a load of chalk added to the neon glow.  I do the usual blending and brushing and go in for a second layer.  But something is wrong.   I take to it with some water: kill or cure.  It looks even worse, then it looks better.  phew.

And next: "Rock face" no.2 has been drying in the crisp air and sun.  In it comes, and I crack open an old jar of artex.  Yes, you heard me, artex.  Brush it over the the thick, plastered and papered areas.  And it's time for lunch.

After lunch I make some progress with the other "rock face".  I stand back and look at the fresh, deep pink neon glow.  I will leave that one to dry for now.

Must keep up the momentum... "Rock face" 2 is now under a layer of stone-y oil paint, I picked out the cracks and everything.

The big square canvas goes back up on the wall.  Another frenzied attack on the sky:  leftover grey paint; dirty water; more oil paint; more water; rub it back; white acrylic, watered down... all of it dripping down the surface.  I turn it on its side and run more filthy water down.  Then flip it round and do the same the other way.  It ends up hanging at an angle, all manner of watery mess trickling slowly down the canvas.

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