4 February 2010


It is a Thursday. It was a slow start. So I decided to finish priming those three canvases I made before Christmas. That was most of the morning gone. Then I had to shift a load of half-finished paintings out of the loft in preparation for some imminent demolition work downstairs - the prospect of returning to find the place covered in brick-dust doesn't bode well.

Piecing together the rest of the day from photos, it was the day of the drop-shadow:

I added a drop-shadow to some of the letters on 'No/Yes', which retains its wonky charm.

I pulled up a long-forgotten white 'Path of least resistance' for some shadow-play.

I finished off in the now-filled-with-boxes spare room, with just enough room to give the same treatment to 'SMILE'

These will all need to be knocked back and made a bit more subtle next time.

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