20 January 2010


It is snowing again. Third Wednesday on the trot. Welcome to 2010, where Wednesday is snow day. It’s quite wet snow, but it’s so heavy it’s begun to settle.

I am in the loft, and it is cold. I had to move out of the spare room in the house, because it is now full of boxes from the other loft (the bigger one). I lay in bed this morning pondering on what to do:

I’ve had the pink-path/rock-face painting up in the lounge for a few weeks, and have picked enough holes in it to see where the werk is needed.

I have this painting that was started as far back as 2006 – it reads ‘Ne Travaillez Jamais’ a graffiti quote from the 1968 Paris événements. I spent a long time building up a wall-like ground, and then it stopped. I didn’t want to ruin all that werk, I wanted orange-red neon words, but I hadn’t a clue how to make them work on a contrasting green-ish ground. I still don’t.

Today is the day I start werk again on that wall. It is also the day I get on with the rock-face. First the wall: I found an old canvas sketch and sanded it down, drew out some rough words and painted them in.

I mixed up some mossy green paint and plastered it onto the canvas. The words are rougher than I’d wanted, but it’s just a sketch, an experiment, a tester. I need to try some methods of glow on top of green ground to see what works best.

With a shiny new no.1 brush and some Rose Madder paint I take on the pink neon path in the crack of the rock-face, hot soup for lunch.

2.45pm it is still snowing. There were foxes on the prowl in the field, so I had to lock up the chicken. It’s like Jollity Farm round here. Only without the jollity.

I just realised I turned the heater off when I went in earlier. No wonder my werk rate was slowing down. I sat the sinister crow on the easel, and gave his neon perch a going over with some rich, ruby red. Now I am struggling with SSSHH, still the white neon glow eludes me. I need inspiration. And a cup of tea.

I came back, I added a bit more glow. Then I had the bright idea of some shadows. Then I went too far.

I will stop and clean up now.

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