25 January 2010

Neon Painting: S.P.Q.R.

This was a commissioned neon painting. The brief: 'S.P.Q.R.' in purple neon. First I had to check what S.P.Q.R. stands for - Senatus Populusque Romanus. It is the motto of the city of Rome, and appears on the coat of arms, and in numerous places across the city, such as manhole covers, statue plinths, graffiti.

Next challenge: I had never painted purple neon before.

I sent them some initial photoshop-ed sketches based on photos of manhole covers, graffiti and an inscription at the base of a statue. The purple was too much towards magenta. We settled on a cobalt violet base and I began.

We were all pleased with the results.

S.P.Q.R., 2009, oil on canvas, 80cm x 100cm.

If you would like to commission a painting, please email: iheartneon[at]gmail.com
You can view more of my work online at: Saatchi/yourgallery and artists.de

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