6 January 2010

the white stuff

It started snowing last night, it is still snowing this morning. I was taking photos with the bobbins night-vision camera setting late last night, when I saw Monsieur Renard, our local fox scampering round the garden. His eyes lit up red when he looked straight at me, then the camera shutter scared him off.

I want to do some painting but I don't want to get snowed in and stuck out here for the next couple of days.

I sat myself down in the temporary studio/spare room with some white paint determined to increase the neon glow of 'SMILE'. But every chance I get I'm gazing out of the window at all the white stuff, or drifting off to check on the status of the trains.

By 3pm the pull of home was too much - off to the station I went, it took over 2 hours. It usually takes 30 minutes.

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