21 June 2009

A Eureka! moment

My morning has involved two things: Procrastination and close-up brush-werk.

I lost an hour and 20 minutes somewhere in the internet. I only stopped to check what some crap I’d been flogging on EBay had sold for. Got sucked in and paid the price. I’ll never get those precious minutes back. (Though I did sell a nasty, oversized 70’s shirt for 12 quid, so it’s not all bad!)

Before that, I had been patiently werking away filling in those letters again on ‘I Think of You and I Smile’. I mixed a gentle Titanium White with a smidgen of Lemon Yellow, and commenced with the task that is something akin to sign-writing. The next step, post procrastination, was to blend out this wet layer, to produce a serene and subtle glow. It has worked to a degree.

I shall take lunch and give my eyes a break.

Refreshed and fed, I will leave ‘I Think of You…’ for now, so that I can plan my next move. I’m in a white neon mood, so ‘SSSHH’ is up on the easel. It doesn’t quite yet have that effervescent quality I’m seeking, and I don’t think it is within my grasp today. On to the next canvas…

And once again you find me at the rock-face, forming a hair-line crack and rendering a deep magenta glow. Just lying on the floor surveying my werk. A Eureka! moment. I need to add in an extra section of “rock” to bring the composition together.

It is time to leave the rock-face, to pack away my tools, and head for home.

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