3 June 2009

Meanwhile, at the rock-face...

Half-an-hour late opening up, powered up the sound-system and commenced werk – painting over those white neon letters again, building them up to a brilliant white.

This kept me occupied right through ‘til 11.30, when I took a break and took SPQR out into the daylight. I was quite pleased with what I saw. The neon sings out, and the purple glows a luxurious intense violet. Just a few areas that need the lightest of werk and it should be finished. Yes, you read that word right FINISHED.

And I have only just switched this old computer on, to make my first entry. It is 12 noon.

Another hour of whiting-out, now lunch.

And back again. Bringing more darkness in, black oil paint all over my grubby mitts. Maybe I should go back to werk on the rock-face…

You find me at the rock-face, chiselling away, rendering 3-D physicality around pink neon.

And on to the next one – more darkness and more pink neon.

And finally, some blacking out of peripheral edges…

And relax.

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