10 June 2009

An almighty crack

I power-up the trusty old Mac, it is midday, and I have been a-painting. This new regime of not switching the computer on first thing seems to be a success. It forces me to knuckle down to werk with the paintbrush, rather than pontificating to myself and spewing forth each and every thought on to this computer screen.

It’s been lashing down with rain all morning, but it’s finally stopped – so I shall take this opportunity to adjourn for lunch.

Some post-lunch werk on SPQR and I take the decision to put it aside to rest. I will go back to it in a couple of weeks and then I will know if it is finished. I have also put away another small, untitled, pink neon piece. The feeling is good. Again I must refrain from taking photographs, which I fear may sap the life out of the originals… I would also spend too much time poring over them and finding faults. No, they need to be kept out of sight so that I can see them with fresh eyes in a few weeks.

My knees just let out an almighty crack in protestation at my crouching down for too long. I have been werking on the fourth canvas of the day, and I feel another will be up on the easel before long. This one has sat untouched for so long I have had to brush off a layer of dust and fluff.

Rather than embarking on something else, I’ll use the remaining time to give some brushes a much-needed deep clean. Oh, the drama!

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