22 April 2009


A little touch-up werk to start the day – the kind of thing that needs to be done, even if it does frazzle my nerves and get me all uptight.

What to do next? There are three candidates, which I may take outside to regard in the daylight.

1) could benefit from more werk on the “rockface” – I have a strong urge to make it look like Karstic limestone (an idea that came to me whilst watching an Italian film starring Charlotte Gainsbourg).
2) Needs some compositional changes, one of the three green stripes should be shifted to balance it out.
3) Looks far too graphic at the moment.

I will werk on no.2. I mock up a version in photoshop and play with the composition. And now we werk on the real thing. This calls for the Straight Edge – one of the many tools of the artist.

Here, the artist models the Straight Edge.

It should be stated that the artist is not Straight Edge.

After much consideration I decide there should be an extra stripe on the right, in red. It seems to have taken me 2 hours to make this decision.

It is now 2.33pm. I have done little that could warrant the term “a good morning’s werk”. I am sitting staring into space listening to the soundtrack to my inertia. My feet have got pins and needles.

In a fit of action I sit no.3 on the easel and open a tube of Cadmium Yellow. And I’m just getting into my stride when an inquisitive bee comes in and starts buzzing round a bit too close. I’ll just show him out, then I’ll be back.

I came back, I werked, and now I go home.

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