15 April 2009

Faction not Fiction

Bit of a late arrival this morning, feeling a bit peculiar. Sick to the stomach and unbalanced.

10.22am: I finally, actually pick up a brush, with the intention of actually do some painting.

I bit my tongue last night. Really chomped down on it. And now it’s a nagging pain, adding to my general feeling of unwell-being and hampering the progress of this purple neon.

Werk has progressed, but I feel a break for lunch would be helpful in deciding my next move. A banal fact, but a fact nonetheless, and when inspiration escapes me, I can only report the facts.

Here are some more facts:
Fact: I have been werking away on this purple neon for just over an hour.
Fact: I have no idea if it is going in the right direction
Fact: I have been enjoying just werking intuitively
Fact: I don’t have complete faith in my intuition today
Fact: Errors can always be rectified later
Fact: I am struggling

I have just been doing some ultra-close detail werk, nose to canvas, breathing in the thick smell of paint. My eyes need a break, got to go outside and re-adjust to daylight for a short while.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve made my eyes and brain go fuzzy from werking so close. I think it might be time to go home, before I do some permanent damage.

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