29 April 2009

HARD ROCK / Pelted with apples

Remember no.1? I am werking on the “rock-face”. I have concluded that it needs more physicality. I am not yet decided whether to go down the karstic limestone route.

10.30am: I just took a break, and spent some time composing a minor-key ditty about being pelted with apples. There is a bridge and a chorus, and a pleasing crescendo. I am yet to come up with some kind of verse.

11.07am: There is still a real chill in the air, despite the glorious sunshine outside. Trying desperately to keep my hands warm, it’s hampering my progress a little. I may have to put the heater on at this rate.

I have taken the “rock-face” as far as I can in one sitting. It already has more presence, but looks too cartoon-y, and not nearly enough HARD ROCK.

What to do next? SPQR: White Light / Purple Neon.

1.30pm: lunch

I’d be lying if I said I only took a short lunch break. And I find it pretty hard to lie to myself. I got sucked in to the internet and the pull of painting was not strong enough to drag me back. Procrastination over and caffeine-d up, I’m back. It is nearly 3 o’clock.

It definitely wasn’t the best idea to drink a big cup of coffee before embarking on some painting that requires a steady hand.

Cobalt Blue and Cobalt Violet: purple glow fades to black...

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