4 February 2009



Today has started well. I was in the studio just after 9. Would have been earlier had I not stopped to try something out on the piano. And now Drive-In Saturday has just come on the stereo…

10.39am: For some reason my iPod thinks it is Christmas – It has just played The Knife Christmas Reindeer followed by France Gall Chasse-Neige. It is not snowing outside. It is pissing down with rain.

This is what is directly in front of me as I type.

As you can see, I don’t half take a crap photo (I tried taking 2 and they were both terrible, but I see no point in spending the next hour trying to get one shot in focus). I think the subject of the photo is testament to my strong work-ethic and self-control – these bottles have sat here since I moved in during August 2006.

From right to left we have:
Schnappe de Rosas (Rose Schnapps) – about a sip taken
Palo (unidentified brown liquour) – approx. 2 sips taken
Herbas de Menorca (a Camomile liquor) – worryingly half-drunk.
Anis (Ouzo) – half-drunk, French style, diluted with water
Pomada (apple schnapps,recommended served cold) – again half-drunk
Gin (no explanation necessary) – Unopened

Please observe, temptation hasn’t exactly been tapping on my shoulder, though I should point out that the majority of time I have spent in this ‘studio’ has been during the day (I could probably count the nights on one hand). So draw your own conclusions.

My hectic weekend seems to have landed me with a cold-sore – which is a nice thing to take home to the wife tonight. It brings to mind a conversation I overheard in a local charity shop: One of the old dears was talking to a little girl and commented that her mouth looked sore. Her accompanying Grandad piped up “Oh yes, she’s got a dose of herpes, haven’t you dear?” Silence...

3.15pm: I’ve run out of momentum.

Wildlife watch: I spy a heron across the field. I take a crap photo. Look there he is, lurking near the tropical fish farm, planning his supper.

In between all these exciting goings-on I still found time to make some headway on this new werk.

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