23 February 2009


Keen as mustard. I was out by 9, brush in hand. I’ve missed 2 weeks due to snow and Paris, so there’s a lot to catch up on.

Have been using this rather opulent cobalt violet for a commission piece.

It reminds me of the foil you used to get on Dairy Milk chocolate (the nicotine fiends among you will probably be thinking of Silk Cut). 

It is 10.33, time for a cup of tea.

The commission is to depict SPQR in purple neon, and is based on this classical inscription

[I didn't take this photo, I found it on the interweb]

SPQR is an initialism from the latin phrase Senatus Populusque Romanus.  It apparently crops up all over Rome on manhole covers and statue plinths and graffiti scrawled across the walls.

Very little procrastination to report today - just good honest werk.

Look! I have close-up evidence:

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