14 February 2009

Neon Painting: Cry For Help

Seeing as I'm touting myself as some kind of artist, I thought I'd better start providing some evidence:

This is Cry For Help, 2006, oil on canvas, 80 x 100cm.

This was from the first wave of neon paintings I started when I picked up the brush again in 2006. It has been shown in 2 exhibitions in Brighton and Hove, and has travelled to The Hague, when it was chosen for the Red Cross Summer Exhibition 2008. Apparently there was interest in buying it from the International Crime Court! But they didn't put in a high enough bid in the end.

It currently resides in our friend's flat in Amsterdam, after they kindly collected it from The Hague.

You can view (and buy!) more of my werk at Saatchi online and Artists.de.

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