28 March 2012

trials and tribulations

Another glorious spring day, and I've put off my trip to the studio long enough. I've not been slacking off though. No, not me, I have a new canvas stretched and triple-primed.

Somehow I have managed to make it through to lunch with very little of your actual painting being done.  Oh dear me.

For the afternoon session I re-visit 'Home Sweet Home'. And I stay there for the remainder of the day, knocking back the green glow, drawing in the darkness, violently blending, smoothing out, touching up...

And now? Now I am thoroughly sick of the sight of that canvas and I hang it on the wall and I hope that come next week, and with a little distance, it will look better.  Oh the trials and tribulations of a struggling artist!

Apologies for the slight rant. I am now drinking warm, calming tea to help me back to werk.

Not much else to report today, I leave the studio feeling a bit ragged and spent, but with very little sense of satisfaction.

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