17 August 2011

Struggle and Progress

Is it good to be back at the easel?  Ask me again at the end of the day.

It seems at some point over the past month I found some time to I werk on 'Home Sweet Home'.  Unless the fairies have been in during my absence.  This is what greeted me on my arrival.

I decided it was time the blue morse code painting was taken a step further.  Now you would have thought that having spent the intervening weeks starting and finishing a painting in blue neon, that I would have my hand in.  But it's not exactly been a joy.  And it hasn't helped that the paint was still a bit wet when I started. I struggle on, as I do most weeks.  Yes, it seems a modicum of success has not raised my game.

That's better!  Progress has been made on 'Home Sweet Home': Painting was loose and free, no No.1 size brushes were dirtied in the process.

TORRENTIAL RAIN = hide indoors and drink some tea.

The rain has stopped, still got 40 minutes to do something worthwhile.

More werk on 'Home Sweet Home', and then I'm off home.  The day has been mixed, mostly good, with some bad patches in the middle.

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