17 March 2010


Today I was up and Wednesday Painter-ing at 8.15am. I began werk on a new non-neon painting - 115cm x 115cm. I temporarily lost the use of my legs, kneeling on the floor for an interminable length of time, tracing the projected outlines of a building.

I had intended this to be a distraction from the neon painting. And something I could werk on quickly and intuitively in short blasts. I was not intending the level of detail I seem to have put on myself. I may have bitten off more than I can chew.

I was pencilling on unprimed canvas, so when I finished, I took it out to the loft for priming. I have had trouble with this huge roll of canvas I bought a while ago - It was a mistake, probably one of the worst things I've bought for my art. It is too fine, not heavy enough, and not densely woven enough. Alas every time I've tried to prepare the surface, it goes nice and taught, then when it dries it goes slack and saggy. I was pleading with this one not to sag.

I return a couple of hours later, and the canvas seems to be keeping tension. Another coat of primer over the pencil-werk, then pray...

In the mean time, more projecting. Another new painting, working title: "Release The Bats". One for all you goths out there!

After lunch I return to check on the primed canvas. Everything is still okay. Not much more I can do, I have to leave early, so I pack up and I go.

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