11 November 2009

thick red paint

Last week I had the day off, I needed it. I made up for it a bit by spending a few hours chopping wood last night, I now have timber ready to make 3 canvases 80cm x 130cm – this will be my new format.

Today I am back in the studio. I have inspiration. It is mainly inspiration for new paintings. I am trying to channel it into current ones. I spent hallowe’en weekend in post-mushroom hell. Thankfully BBC4 had programmed an alternative horror-fest: an evening with Francis Bacon. It gave me ideas, it gave me inspiration, it made me want to paint.

‘Home Sweet Home’ is being taken to task. A palette thick with red pigments, I am here to paint…

10 dirty brushes, 3 wet canvases, 10 minutes to 2, and I’m cleaning up.

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