18 November 2009

It clicked

I decided it was about time I put some of these canvases to bed. ‘SMILE’ and the ‘rock face’ have been hanging around drying for a good few weeks now, I’ve had plenty of time to live with them, which means plenty of time to become a little objective about them.

I took ‘SMILE’ to task this morning. Although it has a subtle glow, I felt it needed to glow some MORE. So outside, in the gusting winds, I went at it with some white chalk, fingers and a paintbrush. It looked bad at first, but by the time I was through the glowing was growing. It will need a few more sessions, though, I daresay. I took the behemoth canvas back in the house, leaving faint evidence of my werkings in the leaf litter.

Next, that ‘rock face’, or at least the dark chasm enveloping the pink neon glow. Problem is it still isn’t quite enveloping it intensely enough. This could take some time…

I sat and pondered the ‘rock face’. I took photographs. It clicked. There is a specific section of the neon path that is not right. I will deal with that next week. Or the week after.

A moment’s deliberation. I decided to go back to werking on ‘SMILE’ at least I’ll feel like I’m getting somewhere.

It got too dark to werk outside, so I had to stop. ‘SMILE’ looks great in the half-light, not quite there in the artificial light yet, though.

5pm: just got some time to black out the edges of ‘Three and Eight’ – that is the one painting I do believe is now ready to be signed and released. Watch this space.

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