3 September 2009

workman-like werk

Yes we are a day late this week, aside from that it is business as usual: I have a nagging pain in my lower back (a symptom of camping over the bank-holiday weekend), which is causing some discomfort as I perch on the stool, and is thus hampering today’s progress.

Top-secret painting number 2 is signed and awaiting release:

Top-secret painting number 3 is on the easel looking almost finished, but not quite there enough for my liking. It has a week to get itself ready for its grand debut.

Outside, summer is pretty much over, and autumnal wind and rain is paying a visit.

And then I werked on the crow, perched on a deep red glowing strip of neon. It has a working title: “Something Sinister This Way Comes”.

Time to crack open the Alizarin Crimson – I have a number of red neon pieces in various states, and I can see one of them definitely needs some deeper, darker red tones introduced. The painting in question is “three and eight”, the red neon strips have been attended to, and now it is time for lunch. A long lunch - The kind of lunch you take when you haven’t got anything really tempting to come back to. I’m in post-painting completion limbo: an object that has taken up so much of my time and attentions has been taken away. There are a number of surrogates, but none has yet fallen into the gaping hole it has left.

I continue to werk on “three and seven”, it is workman-like werk, not fire-in-the-belly werk. But it is still werk, and werk is what I am here for.

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