9 September 2009

The Painter's Void

The date is 09.09.09. The world did not end at nine minutes and nine seconds past nine this morning. I was on the internet, so I would have seen something. What is wrong is that my lower-back pain is nagging again and I have an ulcer on the tip of my tongue which catches on all these jagged things called teeth that fill my cake-hole. It is not conducive to a good days werk.

Top-secret painting number 3 is now finished and signed. It sits in the house ready to be wrapped and to go to its new home.

Another void is left in its wake: The Painters Void. I liken it to writer’s block, only it’s the emptiness and deflation you feel having finished a piece, rather than the anxiety at embarking on a new venture. I have no problems embarking on new werks. In fact I constantly have to stop myself.

There have been positive reports filtering through about top-secret paintings 1 and 2. It seems they were well received. Phew. I am hoping for a hat-trick.

‘Home Sweet Home’ has taken up residence on the easel. I have been tackling the orangey-red neon that is yet to meet my standards.

It still does not meet my standards.

I have at least composed a rough post about Les Beatles for the L’Amour Electronique blog.

I feel like going home.

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