8 June 2011

lost trees, rejections, sunshine, showers, ouzo

The men came and chopped down the tree.  And all I was thinking was: "I hope the nesting birds have all flown".

That was the start.  Then I received an exhibition rejection, which bought me down a peg or two.  Then the rain came down.  And somehow I've got to rouse myself to go and paint.

By 2pm I've had another rejection.  "We'd like to encourage you to submit again for next year's competition".  Maybe you'll be good enough by then... Balls! Someone really is determined to piss on my parade today.

Between rejections and cups of tea, I had time to just touch up a tiny area of the "rock face", and now I think it is done.  Despite having at least 4 other canvases on the go, I feel a yearning, aching void, and the need to embark on something new.  In a bid to counteract blank canvas syndrome I cover one in some pretty-pretty, chintzy fabric.  And I know immediately that there are one or two philistines out there who would be happy to offer me money to hang it on their wall as it is.

Fuck 'em.

I will now take out my frustrations on said canvas.

Actually, all that "energy" was targeted at a different canvas.  I painted blue skies and green, verdant trees, and I painted them with conviction.  We lost some clouds in the process, and that can only be a good thing.  And I felt a bit better about everything.

So much so that on a whim I left the blue "morse code" neon outside to contend with the elements - Sunshine and showers all afternoon.

The tally for the day:
2 x lost trees (they took another out in the process)
2 x rejections
1 or 2 pegs being taken down
Much cursing and swearing
1 x finished painting
1 x new painting
1 x wet painting
1 x blue sky made bluer
2 x clouds lost
4 x trees made fresher
2 x big swigs from the bottle of Ouzo
Many cups of tea and coffee
1 x strange twitch in my upper lip which began just a moment ago.

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