2 December 2009

All hands on deck

All hands on deck. I have just been offered wall-space to show some of my paintings. Immediately.

My initial enquiry was with a view to exhibiting a set of new paintings sometime in early 2010, but I do have a few finished pieces hanging around that I could show. Late last night I drew up a short-list of potentials:

"Three and Eight"
"Set To Stun"
"The Path of Least Resistance 1 (blue)"
"The Path of Least Resistance 2 (red)"
the one with pink neon lines which I still haven't thought up a title for
"What's New Pussycat?"
"She and I"

I finished blacking out the edges of "Three and Eight", then I propped the pink neon untitled canvas on the easel. It was looking a little unconvincing in the void areas, so I went at it with some black and white acrylics and some deep green water colour. Better. Just need to wait for a title to come now. I signed it at last, though:

I also signed "Kryptonitis":

And "Three and Eight"

I finished off with some real proper werk: developing the orange-y red glow on "Home Sweet Home", and then I bubble-wrapped the exhibition paintings ready for transportation. Now all I need is a lift.

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