1 October 2009

painting: That Fiery Inferno In The Pit Of My Belly

Here's a commissioned painting I finished last Christmas.

The brief was for a painting to hang on a high wall under a vaulted ceiling - it was a slightly odd width/height ratio, which made for a tricky composition. The only other factor was the colour palette: deep, burnt oranges and reds, with black.

With the proposed hanging height in mind I set to creating a painting that would work best when looked up to, emphasising the height and size of the foreground elements, and drawing the viewers eye in to the very depths of the flaming inferno.

The colour palette took me back to my 1st year at art school, when I produced a set of four paintings depicting apocalyptic scenes from the Book of Revelation - All fire and brimstone and volcanic eruptions.

This canvas began life as a slow, oozing river of lava. But over the course of about a year, it gradually metamorphosed into a fiery cavern of molten magma - some kind of hellish pit of internal combustion. I lightened the mood, cheekily adding a tiny ship, chugging its way through the volatile lake of fire.

That Fiery Inferno In The Pit Of My Belly, 2008, mixed media on canvas, 125cm x 78cm

If you would like to commission a painting, please email: iheartneon[at]gmail.com
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