23 July 2009

Thursday Painter (slight return)

My dad just dropped in to say hello. It took a bit of prompting before he clicked what the dates were all about. He also commented that I was quite prolific, seeing all the canvases stacked up around the cramped studio. But most of them are unfinished, I pointed out.

Yes, I am a prolific starter.

However, I am pleased to report that SPQR is finished, and signed:

Just have to hope the commissioners are pleased with it.

It feels like about 4pm, but it’s only 12.47. Like last week, I think I’m a bit frazzled from my marathon session of Wednesday Painting. I am also a little giddy having finished a painting. As far as I can recollect this is the first I’ve completed this year. A cause for celebration, you might think. Only now I’m not clear which to pay attention to in its absence. The top-secret paintings have all been werked to death this week, as has ‘…Smile’.

So now I’m back at the “rock face”, adding some extra magenta glow in the darkness . I take a few steps back, I can see the problem now, I must set the neon deeper down inside the crack. And this is what I set out to do… We have made progress, but it is not quite singing out from the depths just yet.

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