13 May 2009

The struggle

Not feeling particularly sparky today, so bear with me if I get a little tetchy.

I’m back werking on SPQR after I gave it a fallow week (these neon paintings often need a rest after each layer to allow the paint to dry a bit before over-painting – hence a “fallow period”).

It is 10.46am. I haven’t done a thing yet. Right now I feel like writing the whole day off and going back to bed.

It is now 11.56am. I have werked up another layer, and I think I deserve a tea break.

2.30pm. Still struggling, but still here.

3.50pm. I have been werking and werking on this purple neon. I cannot tell if it’s heading towards completion, or if it has all been in vain. The harsh fluorescent lighting in here isn’t helping. I’ve taken photo after photo and every one has picked out the Cobalt Blue. To the naked eye it appears far more Cobalt Violet.

It is 4.44pm. I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

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