23 January 2009

An Introduction

My New Years’ resolution was to spend less time sat in front of a computer screen, so it’s most likely a grave mistake starting a blog in January…

No bother, I’ll just make sure it doesn’t become a pre-occupation – It’ll just be something I add to on a casual basis. That’s the plan.

I wanted to call this blog ‘I Heart Neon’ but some little sod just claimed that one in November. I wouldn’t mind so much if they actually had something interesting to say, but from the posts they have so far made, I have learnt just 3 things.

1. They have 2 other blogs (with friends)
2. They chose the title because they “love neon colours” !?!
3. Their favourite new band is some ghastly manufactured all-girl rock group.

A wholly enlightening read, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Well now that I’ve alienated at least one potential reader, I’ll get back to actually doing something creative. Just as soon as I’ve had a cup of tea…

A few more words, and I'll be out of your hair.

So I have chosen to call this here page “Confessions of a Wednesday Painter”

My reasons:
1. I’d like to call myself an artist, but since I only actually paint on Wednesdays, perhaps I don’t qualify as an “artist”. Maybe “dilettante” would be a better term.
2. It had a catchy ring to it – I have of course cleverly paraphrased De Quincey’s “Confessions of an English Opium-Eater”. There may well be confessions, but I don’t really fancy any opium, right now – I’m not keen on the taste, and it plays havoc with the digestive system.

This is the hole I call a studio.

It lacks certain things essential to providing a workable space for the artist:
1. No natural light (you’ll notice a day-light lamp clamped to the easel).
2. No ventilation (luckily I’m quite fond of the smell of turpentine)
3. No space to put anything.

It’s not ideal, but I like to call it home.

So now I’ve procrastinated for a further 5 minutes, I shall commence work.

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